Taken from readers' letters and emails from around the world

I think your book, The Buddha, Geoff and Me, is absolutely incredible - enlightening, persuasive and compassionate, without applying the slightest bit of pressure to this way of thinking...Very many thanks again. This book will stay with me for life.
JR, Essex, UK

I've just finished reading The Buddha, Geoff and Me. WOW! A book hasn't hit me like that in years. I didn't want it to finish; a sign of a brilliant book, I'd say...Thank you for inspiration.
PH, Kent, UK

As soon as I got it, I looked forward for every free minute I had to reading it...I would love to translate your book in French so that I can spend my energy to share the ideas about life in which I trust.
PS, France

Just read your book about Geoff!! Excellent - couldn't put it down!
MS, Yorks, UK

Thank you very much for all the wisdom and valuable insight I have gained from reading your enlightening book The Buddha, Geoff and Me...the whole story consolidated my faith in human nature.
WAF, Lancs, UK

I just wanted to thank you for writing this book and I hope it will be well received in America and hopefully will be coming to major bookstores (like Borders Books, and Barnes and Noble Bookstores) because they are huge bookstores with very little in the way of anything Buddhist available. When all you can find is books on theology, a lighthearted book like yours is a breath of fresh air (as we Americans say). Keep up the good work!
SB, California, USA

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I can hardly believe it is fiction; it seemed so very real. I have bad dyslexia, but despite this I found your book easy to read, and understand...I found your book very moving. The emotion jumped off the pages at me...I would like to say many, many thanks for your book.
KM, Devon, UK

I have just read your book (Buda, Geoff and Me) and I'm really impressed. I can only read 30 page in a day but this one took me inside of it, and just took my brilliant 2 days whole book...This really took me another world when I was in really bad mood...Congratulations and thank with my heart.
YS, Izmir, Turkey

I wished to express the utmost pleasure I felt on reading your book, The Buddha, Geoff, and Me. The book, not available in India as yet, reached my hands thanks to my sister...The only copy I had circulated amongst several hands in Bombay leading me to finally xerox two copies, much against my moral values, to have it reach Delhi and Baroda, a smaller city in W India.
YS, Bombay, India

I read it a couple of weeks ago and had been meaning to write to you to compliment you. I absolutely loved it...I must admit to a moist eye at the end but then I am an old romantic...I think this is a very important book.
HH, London, UK

I came across your book a few months ago when I was visiting the Lake District. I tore through it in a day and have just finished re-reading it. It was a book (as I'm sure dozens, if not hundreds of others, have told you) that seemed to touch me. I've had an interest in Buddhism for several years now, and I think your book has piqued my interest even more...Thank you for such an enjoyable book. DM, UK

I read your book, The Buddha, Geoff and Me, a few months ago and was deeply impressed with the way it combines Buddhist ideas and principles with Western, everyday reality. Naturally, I wish people around me, in my society, could read and enjoy it: I believe its message gets through in a unique way...Indeed, 'meeting a person who alters, deep down, the way you look at life, and sets you off on a totally unexpected path' is extraordinary. I dream of translating it into Hebrew... JK, Jerusalem, Israel

Congratulations on writing another masterpiece in The Buddha, Geoff and Me. Everyone who has read it has enjoyed it so much. My mother, who lives in India and sister, living in Boston...are both full of your book. My mother, who has just published her first book in Hindi is very interested in translating your book for the Indians who canot read English. I wonder what you think about this??
PS, London, UK

Thanks for your wonderful book. I'm 19, a Politics/Philosophy student at university in Australia...The beauty of The Buddha, Geoff and Me showed me that it's anyone's life which can be remarkable and brilliant; even Ed's, who often seems like a washed out loser with no hope in the world. But that fundamental change in world view, in perception, changes his life dramatically, and this point is well proven by the end of the story.
AW, Melbourne, Australia

JM, London, UK

I was talking to a young friend of mine whose family is Indian. He has been chanting for his uncle to start practising (his uncle was like a father to him) and he gave this man (in India) a copy of your book - Buddha, Geoff and Me. The uncle started to chant. Several weeks later my friend received an email from the uncle's wife who had secretly started chanting and overcame her arthritis - so much was she impressed that by the time the email arrived and was seen she had introduced her next door neighbours. This is before they even attended their first discussion meeting...I have asked my friend if I can share this story with you - so as to encourage you really, and offer some feed back. He said yes. So, on behalf of him and the four who have started chanting and found a means of entry to Buddhism through your book -Thank you.
MC, Lincs, UK

Just want to compliment you on your splendid book, The Buddha, Geoff and Me, which I recently purchased via the internet. I enjoyed it tremendously!
RvH, Maastricht, Netherlands

This has been one of the best inspirational books that I have read over the months that really helped me when I was really down...I have also discovered that this has helped others who are not Buddhist to understand where they might be going wrong and be used as a helpful tool...It reads like a Male version of The Brigitte Jones Diary with a Buddhist Mentor!! As I really did find myself laughing out loud or groaning.
SB, London, UK

I absolutely adore The Buddha, Geoff and Me (and probably just about everything else that comes out of your head, through your fingers, and on to paper!).
ST, Suffolk, UK

I just want you to know that I read TBG&M, with very great pleasure. In fact, I started saving it up and looking forward to bedtime when I would be able to have half an hour with it, rationing the enjoyment. I found myself carving out a quiet time in order to think about the ideas you raise - and, it must be said, that you communicate quite brilliantly. The progressive unfolding of practical philosophy through Ed's resistance and Geoff's gentle persistence was hypnotically like watching a time-lapse film of a many many-layered flower (perhaps a lotus!) unfurling; each revelation taking you willingly further. Your book is a big achievement in communication and I find myself very affected by it. I recognise some of the truths now; mostly things I have learned since becoming a parent. Anyhow, I've recommended it to MANY people.
SF, London, UK

I just wanted to congratulate you on The Buddha, Geoff and Me. I couldn't put it down. I think it has the potential to be the next Celestine Prophecy... Well done on producing such a compulsive read.
MB, California, USA

I am writing to say thank you for writing such a wonderful book...I have given away half a dozen copies to people who have said how moved they felt by the story. One said it caused a 'profound shift' in her life... Others have compared its power and simplicity to Coelho's Alchemist.
DH, Leics, UK

Could you please (if you can) tell Mr E Canfor-Dumas that his book The Buddha, Geoff and Me is simply GREAT and it's getting very popular here and I hope many people will read it. I'll do my very best to tell others about it.
OK, Sydney, Australia

I finally got to sit down and read The Buddha, Geoff and Me last week – what a terrific read! ...I was moved to laughter and tears - it's bursting with accessibility, energy, warmth and (profane!) profundity!! Thank you. I passed it straight on to my friend to give to her dad. Now I have to buy another one to give to mine!
JM, London, UK

Thanks so much for writing the book. You have absolutely no idea how widely and deeply you've inspired. Especially those around me.
AC, Singapore

2 1/2yrs ago I went through a very painful break up with my partner of 9 years and a close friend of mine gave me your book. I was broken and lost and she assured me that I would find it helpful. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for you sharing your experiences. It's uplifting, refreshing and full of hope. I've since recommended it to friends who are also feeling a little out of synch in their lives and all have found it helpful. You are an incredibly talented writer and you have enriched my life. Thank you so much. I wish you much happiness, success and laughter!
SS, Nottingham, UK

Just thought I'd let you know I have been discussing Buddhism with the head of Religion and Philosophy at the school where I teach for years now. Recently I suggested she read Eddy's book. She is so bowled over by it she has bought 15 copies to give to friends...
Nic, Hants, UK (sent via a mutual friend)

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